Linen Sheets

Are Linen Sheets Worth It?

Every bed needs good bedding, meaning sheets and blankets. While this may not be so much of a thought for some, this can enhance your overall sleep experience. Most beddings are usually made out of cotton, but there is also the alternative of having them in linen. Here, we will talk more about linen sheets and why you may want to be upgrading your beddings at home. 

What are linen sheets? 

Linen beddings are often made of hardy flax plants — one of the strongest fabrics that there is. At face value, this is steeper in price than cotton because of the complicated production of linen. Linen takes longer to make, making it more expensive. There can be cheap linen, but the quality are often stiffer and rougher to touch. Investing in good quality linen cannot hurt as you are just benefiting yourself in the long run.  

What makes linen different? 

Linen has a unique appeal due to its appearance of natural creasing, making it textured and wrinkled. 

Linen has a different weave making it more breathable than cotton. On top of that, it has moisture-wicking properties that act as a natural antiperspirant. Unlike regular cotton sheets, linen does not require ironing and gets better in every wash as it grows softer over time. Linen has a bunch of benefits if you are looking to change up your usual bedding

Benefit #1 — Ideal for sensitive skin 

For those prone to allergies or have sensitive skin, then you may like that linen is made of natural rather than synthetic material. The flax fibers of linen are also naturally bacteria-resistant and hypoallergenic which makes it stay cleaner for longer than usual beddings. One other good thing to note is that quality linen sheets get better over time as they get softer after every wash. No need to worry about linen being tough or scratchy. 

Benefit #2 — Ideal for any weather 

Linen is very breathable and can be an antiperspirant which makes it ideal for hot and warm nights. This is why linen is a popular fabric when it comes to the summer season. But linen is actually more than just a summer staple, as its fabric properties of not being either too lightweight or heavy can make it a good natural insulator even for colder nights. 

Benefit #3 — Eco-friendly 

Due to the durability of the linen fabric, setting it apart from the other textiles, they can last you a long time. This means that you would not need to keep replacing your beddings as they can last when cared for properly. 

Also, during the harvest of the flax fabric that linen is made of, harmful pesticides are not used during and after the harvesting, keeping them as natural as possible. From the start to the end of its life, linen is fully biodegradable, which makes it an incredibly good choice for environmentally friendly bedding

Ready to switch to linen? 

Given now all that you know about linen, if it aligns with your requirements for good bedding then it is time to make the switch. Experience a sleep sanctuary every day in your own bed with Comfort Living PH’s Premium Signature Hotel Linen Sheets. Look no further with comfortable sleep products from beds, mattress toppers, pillows, and beddings with the #1 Online Mattress Store in the Philippines. Browse our catalog to experience your best sleep ever.

Best Mattress for Back Pain

Best Mattress for Back Pain

Sleep is the best time to let our bodies recover after a long day. 

However, having back pain is one hindrance that can affect our overall sleep quality. Due to the huge amount of time we spend sleeping, choosing the right mattress is extremely essential to good sleep health. Not all mattresses are built differently and serve a unique purpose. If you have back pain, then it is time to check what mattress can best suit you. 

Is your current mattress giving you back pain? 

Identifying the source of your back pain is the first step. Do you feel it the moment you wake up from a long night’s sleep? This is a sign to look out for that your mattress is not giving you the right comfort nor support. Another sign is if you find yourself often tossing and turning and waking up in the middle of the night. Moreover, if your mattress’ age is beyond the usual 8-year life span, then your uncomfortable sleep may be a sign that it is time to change it. 

What is the best type of mattress? 

In the past, it was recommended by doctors to have firmer mattresses. On the other end,  extremely soft mattresses are not always a good thing, as while they can conform to your body’s shape, you could sink in a way that makes your joints twist, cause misalignment, and become a source of pain. 

The quick answer is that there is no such thing as a perfect mattress. However, there’s one that you can feel most comfortable with. An ideal mattress is one that makes you feel like you are floating on air. Medium mattresses are usually the safer option as they offer a good mix of sleep comfort and spinal alignment. 

Your sleep position

Different people have their preferred sleep positions and this can affect what type of mattress should be best suited for them. Side sleepers or people who sleep in a fetal position can benefit from a softer mattress as there will be pressure on their hips and shoulders. Mattresses like Comfort Living PH’s Premium Memory Mattress can benefit you due to the memory foam which is designed to conform to your body for support. 

However, for those who sleep on their stomach, softer mattresses can be irritating as they can sink your abdomen and put pressure instead on your lower back. Stomach sleepers can benefit from a mattress that is medium-firm. 

Back sleepers can also benefit from a medium-firm mattress as they would need the extra support. Adding a rolled towel or a pillow under your knees can help relieve pressure. It gives you extra comfort to boost. 

Testing out mattresses

Checking out mattresses in a showroom before deciding is not enough. If possible, try to get a longer test run experience with it. Because the placebo effect is real during the first few nights on your new mattress, you might be missing out on what mattress you need. 

Choosing what is right for you

What is right for one person does not necessarily mean it is right for you. Different people have different needs when it comes to sleeping so knowing what yours is can help you address the problem of your back pain resulting from sleep. Your sleep surface plays a huge role in the comfort that you get each night when you sleep so making sure you are making the right choice with your mattress is a start. 

Have your own sleep sanctuary at home with the right sleep products from Comfort Living PH, the #1 Online Mattress Store in the Philippines. Browse our catalog to experience your best sleep ever.

Sleep Trackers

Do Sleep Trackers Really Work?

These days, there’s an app for nearly anything that you need to do or track. From activities to do to the things that you consume, there is a way to understand yourself better through these apps and a sleep tracker is one of them. What are sleep trackers? How do they work? And what do they tell us about your overall sleep health? 

Types of sleep trackers 

They can come in many shapes and sizes but the most common ones are the wearables or the devices you wear on your wrist or finger while sleeping. These can collect your data such as movement, heart rate, and breathing patterns. These are multipurpose in nature and can double as a way to track your footsteps, calories burned, and other physical activity. 

There are also bedside devices that can collect data such as your breathing and movement, as well as environmental factors like the temperature, ambient noise and light, and even humidity. 

Understanding sleep trackers 

There are a variety of sleep trackers available but more or less they share the common features below: 

  • Tracking sleep duration — This means it tracks your inactive time, recording the time you fall asleep up until you wake up in the morning. 
  • Tracking sleep quality — Was your sleep an uninterrupted one? Or were you tossing and turning the whole night? Sleep trackers let you know of your overall sleep quality. 
  • The phases of your sleep — Some sleep trackers can track the different phases of your sleep can set off an alarm during your phase where you are not sleeping deeply. This makes it easier for you to get up from bed
  • Your sleep environment — Some of these apps and devices can track the environmental factors in your room such as how much light there was and what the temperature was. 
  • Your lifestyle — Sleep trackers can prompt you to enter activities that may affect your sleep such as your overall stress level, the food you’ve eaten, and how much caffeine you have had. 

Understanding your sleep patterns

Perhaps the reason why people use trackers in the first place is to get a better understanding of their tendencies and habits. In this case, you would want to get more insight into your sleep pattern which can help you determine how much sleep you need, the ideal times for you to go to bed and wake up, and more. These trackers are usually built with data analysis through graphs and charts which can help give you something to reflect on and see your overall trends. 

Sleep tracker for your goals 

Because you can easily see with a sleep tracker how much sleep you are getting each night, it can help improve your habits. There are many features built-in that help set alarms at the right time or give notifications to let you know to lessen your screen time. These features help aid the habits you want to stick by such as getting consistent 8-hours of sleep every night. 

Sleep tracker data for your doctor 

For those experiencing sleep problems, talking to your doctor is still the best option. Having the data from your sleep tracker is a great accompaniment to your appointment to help paint a better picture of how you usually sleep. While these devices are not really made for clinical diagnosis, your doctor can still benefit from the data during their consultation. 

There are many ways to enhance your overall sleep, from measuring your habits so you can improve them, to upgrading your current bedroom environment with the right mattress, pillows, and beddings. Experience your own sleep sanctuary at home with the #1 Online Mattress Store in the Philippines, Comfort Living PH. Browse our product catalog to learn more. 

Healthier Night's Sleep

5 Ways to Get a Healthier Night’s Sleep

Sleep is something people do every day, but simply getting sleep isn’t enough. 

It is important that we wake up feeling energized and restful. Here are five ways to get a healthier night’s sleep

Be consistent when you sleep or wake up

Your body has its own circadian rhythm for when you wake up and go to sleep. Those without a regular sleeping pattern usually end up having poor quality sleep. Continuously having this irregular pattern can cause your levels of melatonin to shift, changing your natural circadian rhythm. 

Those who struggle with sleeping can try to set times when they should sleep and wake up. Once the lights are out, taking 10-20 minutes of your time before you fall asleep is totally normal. But if you experience anything outside of this such as dozing off fast or during the day, then it is a sign that you are not getting enough sleep. If you find yourself tossing and turning even after 30 minutes, then it is better to try to read a book or listen to music until you feel that sleepiness kick in. Training yourself to associate your bed with sleeping can help you sleep better. 

Watch out for caffeine 

Taking caffeine late in the afternoon can make your sleep for the night more disturbed and actually keep you from sleeping. Caffeine takes almost six hours for the caffeine in your drinks like tea, coffee, or cola before it can exit your body. 

Lessen your irregular and long naps 

Naps are not harmful especially if they are short power naps that last for 30 minutes or less. But naps that span longer hours can confuse your body’s internal clock and leave you a difficult time falling asleep. 

Lessen screen time at night 

While having exposure to light during the day is good for you, at the night it can be a hindrance. Lessening your screentime is another good habit as blue light from screens can interfere with your sleep and throw off your internal clock due to the reduction of melatonin, the hormone that helps one relax. 

There are many ways to lessen exposure to blue light without necessarily abstaining from them. You can wear glasses that block out blue light, install night light apps that let you alter your screen’s brightness, and refrain from exposure to any form of screen at least two hours before bedtime. 

Establish good sleep hygiene 

Instead of taking sleep remedies that can help make you drowsy, it is better to instead work on your sleep habits. How you prepare for sleep can affect your sleep experience more than you can imagine. Establishing a ritual such as putting on pajamas, making sure to wind down and relax, and avoiding stressful activities can all make for a good bedtime ritual. 

Another part of good sleep hygiene is making your environment match the part. Ensuring that your bedroom is the right temperature for sleep, keeping your sleep area free from clutter, making sure that there is no unwanted noise, and having a comfortable bed and pillows are all ways to set a good sleep environment. Having a pillow like Comfort Living PH’s Premium Memory Hotel Pillow can help enhance your sleep experience for the better. 

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