Bed frame

How to buy the best bed frame for you

Our mattresses play an important role in our sleep quality. We can apply the same to one’s bed frame. The right bed frame can help support and give comfort to our proper night’s sleep. Here at Comfort Living PH, we have got you covered on everything you need to have better sleep. Here is a handy guide on finding the best product for you. 

Signs to buy a new bed frame

Like any other object that wears down over time, bed frames are not an exception. Having a bed frame that does not do its job well can lead to an uncomfortable sleep experience and at worse, even some potential for injury. Here are some signs to look out for that tell you it is time to find a new bed frame. 

  • You do not get the right support

    – A mattress problem that is not solved by getting a brand new mattress could point to your old bed frame. Signs that this can manifest would be by feeling aches in your body when you sleep. Having a better sleep in a different bed can also mean that you may not be getting the best support from your frame. 

  • Physical signs of wear and tear 

    These physical signs are not difficult to spot. They can be by having a sagging base that leads to a sinking mattress. Your bed frame may have any broken bed slats that are the cause of this. If not entirely broken, they can be split or cracked and on the verge of collapsing. Moreover, hearing cracking or crunching sounds when you toss and turn is also another sign of this. In general, a bed frame that needs replacing can make your bed seem worn out even after tidying it up. 

Consider the sizes

Much like mattresses, bed frames come in different sizing options. If you are keeping your current mattress, make sure to get the bed frame that fits its size. Comfort Living PH carries all sizes from Twin/Single, Semi-Double, Full Double, Queen, and King. 

Different types of material 

While this ultimately boils down to preference, there are different advantages to each bed frame material. 


Sticking to the classics, most bed frames are usually made of wood due to their durability and versatility. They require little maintenance and are easy to clean. Wood can come in many different colors and finishes to match your room’s aesthetic. So, If you are looking for the traditional look, then wood is your best bet. 


The rise of minimalist trends made metal bed frames another option for those looking to have that touch of a minimalist or industrial look. Metal frames are great for their durability, making them less prone to damage from water, bugs, and the like. 

Comfort Living PH’s Premium Signature Minimalist Bed Frame can provide you with that clean minimalist look on top of the durable design. Our Moderna Bed Frame can offer the same minimalist look that can easily match any interior. You can customize them by adding a headboard or bed skirt to give it that extra style. Made of high-quality steel, our bed frames are easy to assemble and do not need a box spring. 

Buying a bedframe is a big investment for anyone so ensuring that you are buying the right one that fits your mattress and can allow you to have your most comfortable sleep ever is most ideal. Discover quality sleeping products from the #1 Online Mattress Store in the Philippines, Comfort Living PH. Browse our collection to experience your best sleep ever. 

Bedroom plants

Top Bedroom plants to help you sleep better

One of the trending house decors we can see online are Bedroom plants. It can do more than just make our room look brighter. They can also boost your mood, enhance your creativity, reduce your stress levels, increase your productivity, naturally filter air pollutants, and much more.

The biophilic trend is about bringing the outside into your bedroom. It will help you sleep better by adding plants to your room. We all know indoor plants can accentuate our bedroom and can make it look great but did you know that they also have amazing health benefits? Some can even make you sleep well. 

Many of us don’t realize how important air quality is. The insulation, paint, and furniture in our homes can pollute our indoor air with toxins like formaldehyde and benzene. To help purify the air in your home, consider adding plants. Plants can absorb harmful gases through the pores in their leaves, filtering and cleaning the air you breathe every day. Here are the top bedroom plants that will improve your sleep environment and help you sleep better.

Snake Plant

This plant can definitely live indoors. Snake plants can hold up their sturdy look even with a few weeks of neglect. Snake plants can tolerate a wide range of light conditions, but prefer indirect light. ​​With the ability to absorb and remove harmful toxins, snake plants can act as an effective defense against airborne allergies

Snake Plants are also known as Mother-In-Law’s tongue, this insanely low-maintenance plant is an optimal choice for the bedroom because not only does it claim a spot on NASA’s list of the top 10 air-purifying plants, but it also is one of few houseplants that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night.

Golden Photos

This is an absolute hardy indoor plant with beautiful heart-shaped leaves that grow on vines. Pothos is also one of the easiest houseplants to grow entirely in water.

Similar in aesthetic to the heart leaf philodendron, the trailing pothos plant is effective at filtering out formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and benzene and is extremely easy to care for and grow. It has been nicknamed ‘the cubicle plant’ because of how tolerant it is. This has the same benefits as  the snake plant and peace lily, it has a  superb air purifier. Because of the way it grows, this plant looks best when put into a hanging basket which can be a stunning design feature in your bedroom.

Rubber Plant

When we say indoor plants, this plant is the ultimate plant that can live indoors because it is low maintenance but absolutely gorgeous.

This low-maintenance beauty with its striking forest green leaves is a powerful toxin eliminator and air purifier. The abundant leaves of this plant draw in large amounts of contaminants, making it excellent at cleaning indoor air. Allow these plants to dry between waterings and keep them in moderate to low light.

Aloe Vera

Aside from being a  medicinal plant, this is also a great addition to any home for its beauty. It produces oxygen at night, so like the other plants listed, it will improve the air in your bedroom. This is a ‘succulent’ plant – it needs very little watering as it maintains moisture within its leaves. The gel from these leaves can be used to treat minor cuts and burns, insect bites, and dry skin. It is, therefore, a great plant to have around the house! Keep your Aloe Vera plant in a sunny place to ensure it stays healthy.

Read up more on bedroom tips and how you can get the best sleep experience by checking out our blogs on our website

Aside from having a plant, Comfort Living products can provide you with the ultimate sleeping comfort that you need. Get the sleep that you deserve with our single bed foam, premium bed mattress, twin bed mattress, premium memory foam topper, and orthopedic cooling pillows.

right mattress

How to choose the right mattress for your sleeping position

Having a good night’s sleep is essential to maintaining overall health. This is why doing your research before buying a mattress is important. Moreover, since these items are more expensive compared to other bedroom equipment, you’ll need to make sure your chosen mattress is worth the investment before you buy. 

There are many things you take into account when choosing a mattress, but it still highly depends on the way you sleep. So, what position do you normally tuck in to fall asleep? And in what position do you find yourself when waking up in the morning?

Here on this blog, rest assured that the answers to these questions will be answered to provide you a key insight when choosing a mattress.

  • For Back Sleepers

Back sleepers usually put the greatest pressure on their lower back. For instance, if a mattress is too soft, the torso can sink in more deeply than the upper back and lower body. As a result, it can create a U-shape and produce strain in the process. On the contrary, if a mattress is too firm, there won’t be any accommodation of the slight curve in the lower back. 

Based on these circumstances, we recommend using a Medium Firm to Firm mattress with light to moderate contouring to help back sleepers with maximum comfort.

  • For Side Sleepers

Compared to other positions, side sleepers have sharp pressure points. In this position, the body is the widest, most notably at the shoulders and hips. So, on a too-soft mattress, those points will dip out of line with the rest of the spine. On the other hand, a firm mattress can impact those points and be prone to misalignment. To avoid discomfort while sleeping, a mattress with Medium Soft to Medium Firm is a great option.

  • Stomach Sleepers

Similar to back sleepers, this type of position also places the most pressure on the lumbar spine. Likewise, they also do best with a Firm mattress since it keeps them out of a U-shape. By using this mattress, they won’t feel suffocated when lying face-down on the mattress.

  • Combination Sleepers

Out of all the types of sleeping positions, combination sleepers find themselves in more than one position through the night. For this reason, we recommend choosing a mattress based on the position you spend the most time in. 

On the contrary, if there’s no primary position, using a Medium Firm mattress is a great option since it offers the best comfort of them all. Additionally, you can also look for a  responsive mattress that facilitates easy movement on the bed.

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A mattress is an important investment that you must always take into consideration a significant investment. So, once you find the mattress of your dreams, you will experience a good night’s sleep and feel rejuvenated waking up.

If you’re still unsure what to buy, then let us help! Here at Comfort Living, we can provide all the ultimate sleeping comfort that you need. For more information, feel free to visit our website at and get the sleep that you deserve with our single bed foam, premium bed mattress, twin bed mattress, premium memory foam topper, and orthopedic cooling pillows.

Relaxing Bedroom

Important Elements of a Relaxing Bedroom

For a good night’s sleep, you need a relaxing environment. Many studies have shown that people sleep significantly better when the light, noise level, temperature, and comfort of their bedroom are optimized. 

A good night’s sleep directly affects many aspects of health, so the quality and duration of sleep can enhance how you feel while awake as well.You don’t have to spend a fortune to create your dream bedroom. 

There are several cost-effective ways to make your sleep space more restful. For a relaxing bedroom, you should consider the following factors:

  • Temperature

During the night, some people sleep quite warm, while others sleep rather cool. However, any healthy adult will experience a drop in body temperature while sleeping. As you begin your sleep cycle, this occurs because a lower core temperature makes you feel sleepy. The higher your body temperature, the more alert you are during the day.  

There are many experts who agree the best temperature for sleeping in your bedroom is between 15.6 to 22.0 degrees Celsius. Some might find this chilly, but a cooler thermostat setting makes you comfortable while you sleep.

Add a layer or two to your bedding if these settings are still too cold for you. If you’re too warm or the weather is particularly hot or humid, consider removing a layer or wearing lighter bedclothes to stay cool in bed.

  • Noise

Keep your bedroom as quiet as possible by blocking outside noises. Noise disturbances can disrupt your sleep, affecting your mental and physical health. Research has even shown that noise at low levels induces a lighter sleep stage or wakes you briefly.  

An effective way to mask other sounds and aid sleep is to use a fan or white noise machine. Others enjoy listening to music as they sleep. Sounds of nature or relaxing music, may also reduce anxiety and ease pain. Curtains that block noise can also be used.

  • Light

Sleep-wake cycles are heavily influenced by natural light and darkness. As you experience sunlight, your eyes tell your brain to produce cortisol.That keeps you awake and motivated. As darkness falls, your brain produces another hormone, melatonin, which induces sleepiness and relaxation.  

If you like to read before a night’s sleep, keep the lights in your bedroom as dim as possible. It is easier to fall asleep with dimmer lights. You should also avoid using screen devices in your bedroom, including televisions.

  • Mattress and Bedding

Some studies have found that a newer mattress will promote better sleep quality and alleviate more back pain than an older model. However, the most comfortable mattress depends on factors such as body weight, sleeping position, and whether you prefer a soft or firm surface. 

In light of your sleep preferences, memory foam may be a good choice, latex may provide gentle support, while spring mattresses can provide a springy feeling.  

For a healthy sleep, it is also crucial to have a clean bedroom.  Regularly vacuuming and washing your bedding can dramatically reduce your carpet’s dust mite population, small arthropods that cause allergies. To avoid damage and excessive shrinkage, follow the care tags on bedding for washing and drying instructions.

At Comfort Living, we can provide all the ultimate sleeping comfort that you need. For more information, feel free to visit our website at and get the sleep that you deserve with our single bed foam, premium bed mattress, twin bed mattress, premium memory foam topper, and orthopedic cooling pillows that we offer today!