Benefits Of Using An Orthopedic Cooling Pillow For Your Sleep

Many sleepers find it hard to sleep through the night due to the heat.  It’s difficult to get adequate sleep as extreme heat can affect your ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and even feel refreshed after sleeping. Your whole system needs to get the sleep that you need.

If you have issues with your pillow getting heated at night due to your body temperature, Premium Memory orthopedic Pillow with Cooling Gel Layer is the best pillow for you. A cooling gel layer pillow disperses your body heat so you can have a longer, cooler, and more comfortable sleep.

All of us had gone through sleepless nights that resulted in bad results for our overall health. Most experts in sleep science promote orthopedic cooling pillows for all kinds of sleepers. Today, let’s get into details about what makes it useful and helpful for your good night’s sleep.


Fall asleep quicker.

Learning how to fall asleep fast sounds difficult and impossible right? Yes, some nights falling asleep quickly doesn’t come easy as we toss and turn around, and thinking about not sleeping only makes it worse. Orthopedic cooling pillows increase your falling asleep speed by ensuring the highest degree of comfort. It suits back, side, and stomach sleepers.

A reversible cool gel and memory foam pillow are a must-have. Having a cool gel layer on one side for warm nights and memory foam on the other side for cooler nights. Soft memory foam cradles your head that supports optimal sleeping position to provide comfort.


Healthy Benefits of Orthopedic Cooling Pillow.

It’s important to lay your head and rest your shoulders on a material of an optimal temperature that helps you have a continuous sleep. There are a lot of diseases that can be prevented when you have the right kind of sleep.

Postmodern medical science promotes regular and sound sleep also means you’re protecting both your physical and mental health. Restful sleep is possible and should be continuous and calm. Moreover, your sleeping environment can enrich the potential of your brain to focus more throughout the day.

A cool sleeping environment decreases the effects of insomnia as it helps sleepers fall asleep faster and more comfortable for the rest of the night. Insomnia is a disease that is both time-consuming and risky for your mental health.

Chronic insomnia usually comes from stress, life events, or habits that disrupt sleep. Treating the underlying cause can resolve insomnia, but sometimes it can last for a long time. 

Choosing the best Orthopedic Cooling Pillow.

Always look into what the product offers and discover what you want from a pillow. Find the best products that will help you get the sleep that you deserve. The best pillow should include research work and testimonies from what other buyers have said about it.

Generally, cooling pillows should help you ease neck and shoulder muscle pain all night, regardless of changes in the room’s temperature. Some adjust to the outer temperature and leave you with a comfortable cooling feel. There are a lot of products available, yet buyers should always acknowledge the technology used for efficiency.

Cooling pillows usually use gel, memory foam, or water. Memory foam is soft and comfortable, while the gel focuses on ventilation and chill. Cooling pillows might contain one of the above materials or come in layers to adjust.


Comfort Living PH Orthopedic Pillow has the best version which can handle both your head and neck giving you the best body alignment for sleep quality. Gel pillows are the latest thing in bedding and lifestyle that’s why you have plenty of options to choose from but choose the right kind of quality.

We at Comfort Living PH focus on giving you the best options to upgrade the way you rest and sleep, whether you are in the market for a new single bed foam or considering an upgrade to a premium memory foam topper. We have what you need and more.


Sleep Resolutions This New Year

It’s a new year! New opportunities to conquer. New discovery to your new self. And new resolution because you didn’t fulfill your last year’s supposed resolution. It’s okay, we feel you. But don’t lose hope and keep going to achieve those bucket lists you want to pursue.

With what happened last year because of a sudden shift of our usual routine, this is still the perfect time to make resolutions so you’ll have a happy and prosperous 2021. Of course, you would list down all the activities you wanted to do this year. And while many people promise to eat healthily and go to the gym daily, sleep is often forgotten but should be at the top of your list of resolutions. Discover these sleep resolutions to maintain through 2021 and beyond.


Make this year about you

Take now the opportunity to focus and allow more time in your night routine – do some meditation, take a bubble bath, do yoga, read a book, or practice deep breathing exercises, and most importantly, follow your night skincare religiously.

Make this time a more relaxing one because it is for your own benefit. With the satisfaction of doing these activities, happiness and peacefulness will help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake to feel refreshed. After a long day at work and so much stress happening, everyone deserves a relaxing evening. At the end of the day, it’s a little thing to reward yourself.


Ditch late-night TV and social media

Admit it, we all love binge-watching and scrolling through our social media late at night on our bed, lying comfortably. Well, who doesn’t? However, on a serious matter, the blue light can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule and keep you up at night. It’s the artificial lights that send a signal to your brain telling you that it’s still daylight and will keep you stay awake longer.

For this year, we will not prohibit you from using your phone at night but instead little by little, lessen your screen time each night until you’ve reached a point of sleeping early. In other ways to help you sleep better, you may refer to the resolutions listed about to slowly change your routine into a healthier one.


Stick to the same bedtime routine nightly

Being consistent with your bedtime routine creates better, healthy sleep habits. Part of this routine is strictly going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, even on weekends. This will help you get those priceless eight to ten hours of sleep you need.


Sleep on a comfortable mattress with a proper amount of support

Did we say sleep on a comfortable mattress? Yes, and we mean it. Our bed is our sanctuary, a safe haven away from the outside jungle of stress and unending problems. We all want to sleep on the most comfortable mattress that our body needs after a long day. Our tip? Have this Premium Serenity Spring Mattress from Comfort Living PH.

A well-built all-rounder Mattress that gives you Low Partner Disturbance in a breathable foam and maximum support system. Made of firmer high steel springs with edge support surrounds. If you are looking for a premium mattress that can give you a quiet and undisturbed sleep, get the Serenity!


New year’s resolutions are not all about doing those lists because it’s a new beginning but an opportunity to continue what you didn’t do in the previous years and what you always wanted to do for your own self-awareness. Everyone needs to be healthy by becoming active in their daytime routine. Moreover, allow time for your night routine to keep your lifestyle balanced.

Sleep is important, so are your bedroom essentials. To achieve that good night’s sleep, Comfort Living PH is your go-to sleep essentials perfect for your needs. A single bed foam and orthopedic cooling pillow are a match made in bed heaven. Along with our best sellers, we have a variety to choose from a single premium mattress topremium bed mattress and orthopedic memory foam paired up with our premium memory foam topper. Connect us through info@comfortlivingph.com and we are more than happy to serve you!


The Difference Between A Mattress Pad And Mattress Topper

Do you love your mattress but still prefer more comfort? Mattress pads and toppers are a perfect way to breathe new life into a mattress! Not sure what the difference is between them? While both provide your mattress with an extra layer of comfort, there are distinct differences between the two. Keep reading to see what these differences are and which product is right for you!

Mattress Pad

A mattress pad is a layer that goes over your mattress. It adds just a little bit of comfort to your mattress without adding a thick layer of foam, memory foam, or latex. It is typically a fitted-sheet style construction with cotton batting that makes it almost like a fluffy sheet-like layer. It won’t revive a mattress that’s past its prime, but it will soften and add support for when you fall asleep. If you want the mattress protector version of this, a waterproof mattress pad can offer that, but you should always triple-check that it’s designed to do so before relying on it.

Mattress pads also offer additional benefits outside of providing extra comfort. For starters, they are easy to care for, with many being washable in a household washer & dryer. They also offer waterproof pads, so you don’t have to worry when accidental spills occur. Lastly, mattress pads can offer protection from bugs such as dust mites and bed bugs.

Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is basically a foam or latex mattress pad, usually without the fitted sheet construction. The topper can fit under your bedsheets and won’t move around too much. Toppers can come in a variety of materials such as foams, memory foam, and latex. Usually, they are memory or polyfoam based. Additionally, since mattress toppers are thicker than others, they provide more support and comfort. 

They aren’t a permanent solution, but they can certainly help you sleep until you can replace your bed. Toppers will change the entire surface feel of your mattress, so it’s more of a commitment than a thinner mattress pad.

In order to know which one is right for you, it varies depending on your needs. If you want mattress protection, allergen reduction, and easy to clean, the mattress pad is the right for you. If you want a change in comfort to your mattress with added support mattress topper is the right fit for you. If you want to add extra softness and comfort to your twin bed mattress. ComfortLiving’s King CoolTech Gel Premium Memory Foam Topper is ventilated and infused with gel beads to ensure a breathable, airy, and climate-controlled sleep experience. What’s more, you can pair it up by buying a single bed foam and orthopedic cooling pillow to complete the sleeping experience. Visit https://www.comfortlivingph.com/ for more information.


Your New Year’s Resolution For Your Bedroom

With the new year just started, it is common for people to come up with New Year’s resolutions to help welcome the start of a new chapter. Whether it’s the start of a new habit or goal, resolutions aim to bring a sense of newness to the new year. Bringing upon a new change, such as a change to your bedroom may be one that you can look into.

Does this describe your mattress?

If you haven’t changed your mattress in a long time, then the change may prove to be a welcome one. Over time, your mattress can lose its spring and cushioning, and will not be giving you the best comfort that it should. Additionally, once it shows signs of wear, it can affect your neck and back in the process.

Another manifestation of this is if you notice your mattress doesn’t bounce back. Mattresses especially the ones with spring, tend to be firm and bouncy when brand new. Other mattresses often have a sunken center area, which is another sign of an aging mattress past its expiration date. You may also go as far as to check if your frame or box spring needs replacing too.

Reasons to upgrade and change your mattress

Mattresses are built to last but they can only go so far until they show signs of wear over the years. Once it loses the support that it usually gives you, that is the start of it affecting your sleep. Mattresses that are squeaky, are uncomfortable, and cannot support you properly can lead to sleep deprivation for you. Sleep deprivation is often overlooked but it can bring in a slew of complications such as diabetes, heart disease, and immune system issues. This can lead you to feel irritable and fatigued, which affects your day-to-day affairs.

It is always important to get a good night’s sleep as sleep deprivations can be bad for your health. Erratic sleep is best avoided for more consistent hours and a quality sleep experience.

Pillows and Sheets

We’ve talked about the mattresses, but how about pillows and sheets? Mattresses have a much longer lifespan than pillows so the general rule of thumb is 1-2 years until it is to be replaced. The thing with pillows is that they lose their “plushness” much faster than mattresses. Pillows can serve as a place for dust, mites, dead skin cells, and oils to collect. This is why it’s best to wash them every few months when you can and replace them as soon as they fail to give you the support you need. This can help you rest better as a bad pillow can cause problems with your spine and help you avoid allergies due to the dust etc.

Similar pillows, sheets have a set lifespan as the fibers tend to break down over time and become threadbare. This affects the temperature of the pillow as you sleep as well as the comfort against your skin.

Doing the Makeover

Apart from your bed, this is the best time to reevaluate where you spend the most time sleeping. Is it able to be the right temperature and keep you free from distractions when you sleep? Is air circulation good? These are questions to ask yourself when you decide on doing that makeover to your room.

If your concerns doesn’t affect your sleeping experience, you can look for pieces to help spice up room to make it a more relaxing for you.

Doing the right makeover does not have to be costly. Spending on things such as a mattress should be seen as an investment — after all, we spend a quarter of our lives sleeping. It is only right you spend on the kind of comfort you deserve and desire. As the #1 Online Mattress Store in the country, Comfort Living PH can provide you the best sleep experience for the coming new year with our products.