sleeping positions

6 Sleeping Positions and What They Say About You

sleeping positions

We all favor certain sleeping positions to send us off to the land of nod each night, and most of us have preferred this specific sleeping shape since we first entered the world. There are a variety of ways to sleep comfortably.

Whether you usually sleep spread across the bed or hang upside down like a bat, the shape you adopt when sleeping can be indicative of your character. Read to discover what type of sleeper you are every night.

Pillow Hugger

This type of sleeper hugs a pillow close to their body and has their limbs wrapped around it in some way. Pillow huggers like to get cozy and be cuddled as they cherish the relationships they have.

Soldier Stance

Somewhat severe-looking, you can imagine exactly what this position is like; a soldier lying on his back with arms straight by his sides. Sleeping in this way will usually mean that you’re quite quiet and reserved. However, it may also mean you expect both yourself and other people to observe strict moral codes and high standards.

Spread-eagled Starfish

This sleeper spreads their limbs in a carefree manner over the entire bed surface. Surprisingly, you probably don’t really like to be the center of attention.

The Stargazer

This position isn’t the most popular, possibly because it can mean the sleeper gets a little too cool in the night. The position is quite a vulnerable one, with stargazers lying on their backs with their arms wrapped around their head. Stargazers prioritize their friends, doing everything they can for those they hold dear. Usually, these sleepers will have a happy, easy-going personality.

The Thinker

Another sleeping shape that’s like the foetal position is the”Thinker”. They usually sleep curled up with a hand gently resting on their chin, as if pondering something. Those that habitually sleep in this position are more emotional than other sleepers.

The Yearner

This is also a very common sleeping position and involves sleeping on your side with arms stretched in front of you. People that sleep like this are a bit of a mixed bag since they can be both open-minded, yet cynical. While they are suspicious of their own decisions, they have a firm resolve once they’ve come to a conclusion.

The sleeping position you favor could be indicative of your personality or you could just really like spreading out when it’s time to catch those zzz’s. Whatever the meaning behind your sleeping position, making sure you’re comfortable is key to a good night’s sleep. And speaking of comfortable sleep, Comfort Living PH’s King Premium UltraLux Hybrid Mattress is the top tier in terms of bed mattress out there in the market. With Memory Foam and Natural Latex for breathability, better contouring, and maximum support system. A Powerhouse Hybrid Combo of CoolTech Gel Memory Foam + Natural Latex + Individually Packed InnerSpring Technology. Visit for the finest twin bed mattress and single bed foam in the Philippines you need for the good, comfortable deep sleep you’ve been longing for.


Why Do We Mostly Forget Our Dreams?


We spend a third of our life asleep, and a part of it involves dreaming. But there are certain moments wherein we totally forget our dreams no matter how long it is. And even on those good days, there might be a circumstance that in just a moment your dream will vanish into thin air.

In terms of creating dreams, you develop memories while you are sleeping. In the process of your sleep, you consolidate what you learned for the whole day into long-term memories; this is applicable for deep sleep. You experience different types of sleeping phases, there are times you are more awake or asleep. The REM or Rapid Eye Movement is the phase of sleep responsible for dreaming. During this period, your body is paralyzed which prevents you from acting out your dream and your eyes move in reaction to what you’re dreaming about.

There is no definitive answer yet to why you tend to forget your dreams. But there are certain studies regarding it. One study claims that you filter out information which leads to forgetting your dream because the unconsciousness registers them as irrelevant. Another study is related to the hippocampus, which explains that when you fall asleep not all of the regions of your brain go offline at the same time.

If you really want to remember your dreams at night, the solution is to wake up regularly at night. According to a study, the time spent awake allows the content of your dreams to enter long-term memory. Also, a poor sleep environment and drinking alcohol before bed give you a restless night. You can also write notes of your dream right after waking up to help you remember.

Here at ComfortLivingPH, we have all the provides the sleeping essentials you need. From a single premium mattress to a premium memory foam mattress, you can surely remember your sweet dreams. As one of the best orthopedic pillows in the Philippines, our Premium Memory Body Pillow with Hypoallergenic cover allows greater ventilation. As a result, it helps you cool all night long for the best sleep ever. Reach us through for more information.

rainy cold bed weather

How To Get Out Of Bed When It’s Rainy and Cold

rainy cold bed weather

Getting out of bed is a struggle that you have to overcome every morning, but the rainy season makes it more difficult for you to wake up early. Unfortunately, you don’t have the option to hibernate through the rainy and cold season, because you have tasks that you must accomplish for the day. 

Here are some tips to get you out of bed easier when it’s rainy.

Set a pleasant alarm tone

If your alarm tone is noisy you will be startled every morning and eventually resent your alarm. To solve this problem opt for a more calm or pleasant alarm tone to start your morning right. This will help awaken you gradually, making your waking up process more natural. This will help you wake up easier to start your day.

Shower as soon as you get out of bed

Showering as soon as you get up helps a lot in waking you up because it gets your circulation going. Also, you can use a zingy shower gel like mint or lime to help awaken your senses first thing in the morning. Being fragrant in the morning gives you the motivation to get your tasks done.

Eat something warm for breakfast

Right after waking up, make yourself a hot coffee or tea and some warm porridge. Healthy breakfast is the key to having a good morning. Because according to studies, a healthy breakfast gives you energy and sets you up for your whole day.

Wake up as soon as you can

In order to get up easily, once your alarm clock starts alarming you should get up as well. Allowing yourself to reason with yourself is not a good mindset. For instance, you will tell yourself that you will wake up after 10 minutes but you will end up waking up after an hour. It is important to wake up as soon as you can. This will train you to get out of bed right away.

These tips will help you get out of your bed, despite the rainy season. It is very essential to have a good night’s sleep for you to feel refreshed once you wake up in the morning. ComfortLiving’s Premium memory bed pillow and orthopedic pillow allows greater ventilation to keep you cool and have the best sleep ever. Visit for more products.

cold bed weather

Why is it Hard to Wake Up on a Rainy Cold Morning?

cold bed weather

It’s definitely the rainy season. The season made us feel too lazy to get up because of the cold weather. There’s nothing worse than waking up on a gloomy day. It’s dark, rainy, and hardly conducive to going to work.

It’s already given that it’s really hard to get in the morning. And in this rainy season, it adds up another reason for our morning struggle is, in fact, the weather. The reason behind this is because our bodies rely on sunlight to signal our internal clocks to wake up. And without bright morning sunlight to start the day, we’ll feel lethargic and down. Ironically, it’s not the rain making us want to stay in bed mattress and snuggle under the sheets, but the lack of light we’re reacting to.

Light prevents the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that makes us sleepy. When there are gloomy skies, our bodies will continue producing melatonin, even after our alarm clocks go off. Serotonin, which heightens mood, produces in the presence of sunlight. When there is less sunlight coming in, serotonin cuts production.

Aside from the fact that hormones produce so much work in our mood and activities, there are actually other non-hormonal reasons why it is tiring on rainy days. One example is the earthy smell of the rain is actually soothing to feel. When a substance like geosmin interacts with plant oils present in the soil, it produces musky scents. Another relaxing smell is that of ozone, which appears after a thunderstorm. The aroma bears a resemblance to that of freshly laundered sheets, which can encourage sleep.

Rain sounds are also quite comforting, especially lying on the bed around with your fluffy pillows. This rhythmic pitter-patter of rainfall make “pink noise”. This is a category of relaxing background noise. Pink noise has been shown to increase the quality of sleep by softening out outside noises and decreasing brain activity.

As we are already in the season of rain and cold weather, it definitely makes it even harder to wake up, but it doesn’t mean to be on your bed all day. Try eating a healthy breakfast to start and energize the day or do some activities like hitting the gym. Another activity that you can do is to change your bedsheets and pillowcases for a more comforting and soothing to feel when you sleep. Another way to combat the negative effects of rainy mornings is to open those curtains to give your home as much exposure as possible to natural light. Just open your curtains or blinds the night before you sleep to allow any bit of light to seep through. Who knows, it’s actually worth watching those rains pouring in your windows.

In this rainy season, we know it’s hard to get up on your bed because of the gloomy weather. Aside from that, one thing that makes us more stuck to our beds is that we are sleeping on a Comfort Living PH’s King Premium Memory mattress with CoolTech Gel. This mattress is made of Eco-Friendly Cool Memory Foam and Cooling Memory Foam, a perfect combination for breathability and better contouring. The CoolTech Gel gives amazingly cool comfort while maintaining softness and firmness all throughout the cold, rainy night. Get yours now and other twin bed mattress and single bed foams at