Pillow Change

Questions To Ask To Know When You Should Change Your Pillows

Pillow Change

A great pillow can identify the difference between a good night’s sleep and awful night. Changing your pillow is an essential part of maintaining good hygiene. Also, it plays an important role in maintaining proper spinal alignment while you sleep. By changing your pillows, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable sleep and prevent waking up with body pains.

Why should you replace your pillow?

Better Sleep

Your pillow supports your neck and head while you are sleeping. It also helps your spine align for a good night’s sleep. A brand new pillow provides the best support. In order to maintain your pillow’s maximum lifeline, you should replace your pillow every year.


Your pillow absorbs your sweat and dead skin cells as you sleep. Without changing your pillow and following the maximum lifeline of it can lead to allergic reactions or skin inflammations. You should make it a habit to wash your pillow regularly and always use a pillow cover to maintain its cleanliness.

Here are the types of pillows and their certain lifespan.

Down Pillows

Down Pillows should be replaced once a year because they tend to lump to a certain point that they become unusable.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam should be changed once a year, although their conforming is great it easily sags. The material of it is not that reliable.


This is the most common type of pillow a lot of people use because it is inexpensive. Feather based pillow should be changed once a year.


Bamboo pillows are more reliable than cotton because bamboo fibers are strong enough to provide support. Try changing every year and a half.

The most essential thing that you should prioritize in changing your pillow is your health because there are risks that might affect your body when you don’t change your pillow and follow their maximum lifeline. Remember a good night makes your life happy and healthy. Looking for a body pillow that you can cuddle through the night? Try Comfort Living Premium Memory Body Pillow that allows great ventilation and keeps you cool all night long. Visit https://comfortlivingph.com for a wide selection of sleeping pillows.

Luxury Mattress

What Makes Your Mattress A Luxury Mattress

Luxury Mattress

Sleeping into a luxurious mattress after a long tiring day is a luxury that everyone deserves. The luxury mattress helps you sleep well by giving comfort and solving sleeping issues that you may encounter. Choosing a good mattress is a decision that will impact your good night’s sleep for a long period of time. So, it is best to invest in a high-quality mattress, because your wrong purchase may lead to sleepless nights. Remember that having a good night’s sleep is essential to stay happy.

Here are the factors which make your mattress a luxury mattress.

Good quality material

Your mattress will never be luxurious when you overlook the importance of its materials. For this reason, it is a must to always opt for a mattress with high-quality material because it is a good investment for your good night’s sleep. There are different materials to determine whether your mattress is luxurious or not. Some of the good quality materials of the mattress are cotton or wool to increase breathability and comfort.

Choose the right cushion

The mattress provides the support, but your cushion offers the majority of the comfort. Memory foam mattress toppers onto your bed provide the ultimate luxurious hotel bed comfort. Aside from cushions one of the factors that provide a luxurious bed is the mattress pad which adds another layer to your protection.

Choose your style of sheets

Choose your type of sheets based on what you are most comfortable with to sleep with. If you are into crisp sheets, buy cotton sheets with a low thread count. On the contrary, if you are into softer sheets, then purchase cotton sheets with a higher thread count. Choose the fabric that will give your sleep luxurious comfort.

Purchase a good comforter set

Choose a comforter style that looks classy and luxurious. Choose your favorite color and a pattern that matches your bedroom to make it more visually enticing. There are comforter sets that are not that pricey but also gives you good comfort to your mattress at the same time. Keep in mind to purchase your comforter that matches your needs as well and make sure that it is weather appropriate.

Start investing in making your mattress luxurious, for you to have a good night’s sleep. You don’t have to spend loads of money on making it luxurious, by being resourceful and creative can make your mattress become luxurious. That’s why Comfort Living King Premium Memory Mattress with Cool Tech Gel gives amazingly cool comfort while maintaining softness and firmness throughout the night perfect to experience the luxurious comfort you deserve. Experience the best sleep with the #1 Online Mattress Store in the Philippines, Comfort Living PH. Shop now for our products here at https://comfortlivingph.com.

Food for better sleep

Food To Eat To Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Food for better sleep

It’s well-known that the three pillars of good health are sleep, exercise, and nutrition. Most of us, not only eat to maintain a healthy diet but also choose the right food with the purpose of improving our sleep cycle. Interesting facts that there are certain foods that contain high levels of these sleep-promoting compounds that trigger a sleep-inducing hormonal response and calms our nervous system. For those who suffer from insomnia or sleep deprivation, take note of these foods that will give you a good night’s sleep.

1.       Almonds

Almonds are the type of tree nut that promotes many health benefits. It contains high doses of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate the sleeping and waking cycle. They are also a healthful evening snack as they are high in good fats and low in sugar and saturated fats. The right food with those who have insomnia.

2.       Chamomile Tea

The tried-and-true mug of “chamomile tea” before bed is a well-known sleep remedy for a reason. Because of its popular herbal tea that offers a variety of health benefits, the chamomile herb has calming effects on the brain and body. Aside from its sleep quality effects, there is also some evidence that drinking chamomile tea may boost your immune system, reduce anxiety and more.

3.       Milk

Warm milk is a common home remedy for sleeplessness. That glass of warm milk our parents gave us as children before bed actually did do something good. Dairy is a natural source of the sleep-inducing tryptophan amino acid. “Tryptophan” helps you sleep by boosting melatonin, a chemical that promotes a regular sleep cycle. So, if you’re tossing and turning or unable to sleep, a glass of warm milk will help you settle.

4.       Bananas

Definitely delicious and nutritious, bananas are high in potassium, a mineral that is essential to achieving a deep night’s sleep. Bananas are also nature’s sedative because they contain both tryptophan and magnesium for calming and relaxing effects.

5.       Yogurt

Craving some dessert after dinner? Yogurt is not your usual dessert craving but definitely brings you your healthier side. Topping it with delicious oats or whole grains makes your dessert more delicious. A perfect alternative to ice cream, yogurt is your delicious and healthy cravings before bedtime.

6.       Oats

And speaking of oats, this breakfast powerhouse is not only in the morning routine. A bowl of oats or even an oatmeal cookie is also best as an evening snack. Aside from helping you feel full of its carbohydrates, oats are a natural source of melatonin. Try something different turning the breakfast routine into evening cravings.

Importance of sleep-promoting foods

Many foods contain nutrients, chemicals, and other compounds that help control the body’s sleep cycle. So, by eating these sleep-promoting foods, it definitely creates a harmonious relationship with your bed and sleeping pillows coming from Comfort Living PH’s mattress and pillows. A good night’s sleep should not be a compromise as Comfort Living PH will cater to your sleep-inducing needs every night. To experience the best sleep, shop now for our products here at https://comfortlivingph.com.

New Mattress

5 Questions To Ask To Know If You Need A New Mattress

New Mattress

Do you need a new mattress? Or do you just always wake up in the middle of the night feeling you need a new mattress? Well, a good night’s sleep plays a pivotal role in our health and wellness for every tomorrow’s whole day. Unfortunately, the majority of us adults don’t get enough sleep every night. And one contributing problem to your concern is the mattress you are sleeping on. From providing failed body support to collected allergens, your mattress really is affecting your sleep and you definitely need a new one. But first, here are the questions you should ask yourself whether you need a new mattress.

How old is your mattress?

Do you remember the day you bought your mattress? There’s a big chance that you’ve been sleeping on it for more than eight years. I guess it’s like ages ago. But the question is, how often should you replace a mattress? According to research, mattresses can last only up to eight years. The lifespan may differ depending on the type, manufacturer, and how you sleep on it.

Your mattress is not made to last forever. Just like any other product, it’s subject to wear and tear. It boils down to the manufacturer when it is made under an inferior one, it will wear out sooner. But coming from the best brands have a lifespan. If your mattress has been with you for quite some time, it’s time to replace it with something new.

Do you suffer from back pains?

Whether your mattress is old or new, you have to replace it if you are suffering from having no proper support and alignment. If you are sleeping on your stomach or back, your spine’s S curve should be apparent as you lie on your mattress. If it looks flattened or if the curvature is too emphasized, your mattress may not be working well for your spine.

A mattress that conforms to your body’s position and movement will be your first priority. Comfort Living PH’s King Premium UltraLux Hybrid Mattress is the one that you need because of Memory Foam with Natural Latex for breathability, better contouring, and maximum support system. A Powerhouse Hybrid Combo of CoolTech Gel Memory Foam + Natural Latex + Individually Packed InnerSpring Technology.

Is your mattress comfortable enough?

Your answer may be that obvious but it is not as what you would expect. We all have the tendency to adjust to discomfort. If you’ve slept at any hotel or to your friend’s home, you feel more comfortable while your mattress may not be enough. When shopping for a mattress, take your time to give it a test run because what appears comfortable in the showroom may not always perform as well at home.

If you need a mattress that definitely serves comfortability, Comfort Living PH’s King Premium Memory mattress with CoolTech Gel is a perfect choice. With its Eco-Friendly Cool Memory Foam and Cooling Memory Foam, a perfect combination for breathability and better contouring. The CoolTech Gel gives amazingly cool comfort while maintaining softness and firmness all throughout the night.

Do you wake up feeling sore and stiff?

Not getting proper sleep can lead to chronic back pain. If you wake up having stiffness and soreness, your mattress is the reason that your body aches. This is even more likely if the pain lessens after you’ve stretched out and moved around.

But having a firmer mattress is not always the solution to your problem. According to research from Kovacs Foundation in Mallorca, medium-firm mattresses offer better relief for chronic lower back pain.

Have you had asthma and allergy attacks recently?

If it is not yet allergy season but you experience getting asthma and allergy regularly, it means that your mattress has accumulated germs over time. Dust mites are tiny bugs that can be found in your mattress that feeds off dead human skin cells but aren’t visible enough without a microscope. The protein coming from the feces of the dust mites could be causing your asthma and allergy.

Flipping, steaming, and even vacuuming your mattress may not be always the trick to get rid of the allergens. Sometimes, replacing your mattress is the only solution. So if you’re getting red marks on your skin because of allergy, you might want to consider finding a new mattress.

These questions are only some of the more things to consider in replacing a mattress. Also, having the right mattress will give you comfort in the years to come. After all, it is what’s best for having a good night’s sleep. If you need a new mattress, visit https://comfortlivingph.com for the finest mattress you need for the good, comfortable deep sleep you’ve been longing for.