gift guide bedroom essentials

Gift Guide: Bedroom Essentials

gift guide bedroom essentials

Nothing beats the feeling each time we enter our bedroom after a long tiring day. The bedroom is a perfect place to fill with the most essential home decor. If you want to make your friends or family happy, giving them bedroom essentials is a perfect idea. If you’re at loss for attention on what to buy, these are the perfect gift ideas for your sleepyhead loved ones.


You can never go wrong with the gift of comfort! This thick, quilted, fluffy blanket will surely make your loved ones warm, even without your presence. Comforters are especially a great idea for the bedroom, as you can find a wide range of sheet sets in a bag for presents. It is a perfect choice to gift if you are on a tight budget.


When it comes to the number of pillows that you should have, there are no rules. Pillows are life. If you are planning to give a pillow, make sure that it offers proper support for the neck and back. You can also opt for plushies or bolsters if the person that you are planning to give present is prone to stiff neck and backache.


The lighting is one of the most essential things for a goodnight’s sleep. Strong cold lights from fluorescent lamps aren’t the best idea. Instead, go for lampshades that have soft and warm brightness. Lampshades are the best source of light in the bedroom, for your friend can control the amount of light she wants at night. As they say, lighting creates a mood.

Sleep Headphones

If your friend is a big fan of music, sleep headphones are the perfect gift for her. There are different fabric headphones perfect for people who love listening to music while sleeping. The difference of it to normal headphones is the speakers are thin enough in order not to put pressure on the ears. It is also perfect for side sleepers.

Sleep mask

Perfect for sensitive sleepers, if the slightest light through the curtain makes your special someone awake. Also, for the people who want to sleep at daytime sleep masks are the perfect way to rest their eyes and sleep in darkness completely. There are varieties of sleeping masks to choose from which gives an excellent job of shutting out the light.

Make your loved ones feel special by giving them these bedroom essentials. A good bedroom ensures a good night’s sleep. Help your friends make their private space look good real quick by giving them the most beautiful and useful bedroom essentials. After you made your lists of gifts to give, head on to for a wide variety of gift ideas to choose from for your loved ones. A perfect gift for everyone who loves good comfort after a long day of work. A big opportunity for pillow lovers who like to cuddle all night long. With Comfort Living Ph’s wide selections, you will never go out of gift ideas.

5 Reasons Why You Should Find the Perfect Sleeping Pillow

5 Reasons Why You Should Find The Perfect Sleeping Pillow

What’s the most important sleep item in your bedroom? You could make a case for a number of things, depending on how you sleep, but one thing that is on top of your list – a soft, comfortable pillow. If you use the wrong one for your beauty rest, it can create a range of problems.

Having said that, bed pillows actually affect the quality of your sleep and your overall health. Mattresses get a lot of attention, no doubt about that. Your mattress is the largest and most important financial investment you’ll make when you sleep. But when it comes to sleep quality, definitely pillows are as important as your mattress. At the end of your day/night, you just wanted to relax and sleep in your most comfortable bed pillow.

Sleeping on a worn-out pillow, scrunching, and folding it up night after night to get comfortable is a major red flag and it means that it’s time to update. For more appreciation of a wide range of pillows. You need to know as to why choosing the right pillow is as essential as having a good night’s sleep.

Avoid neck, back, and shoulder pain

Sleeping on a too high or too low bed pillow is actually irritating and can lead to not sleeping well enough. With that kind of pillow, it can put your body parts in odd positions, waking you up the next day having muscle pains. Always consider finding the right pillow that is supportive and firm to your head, especially to your neck.

Reduce snoring

Having someone next your bed snoring aloud may cause interruptions and is actually the worst in sleeping. That is because the pillow they are using puts their head in the wrong position making them snore more. Getting the right bed pillow absolutely makes your sleep comfortable and avoid snoring.

Type of pillow

From wool to cotton to latex to memory foam, there are types of pillow flings to choose from that support your head and neck. Knowing what’s best for you is very crucial to improve the quality of your sleep. Also, keep in mind that choosing the right pillow filling should at least retain its shape that will last longer.

Size that matter

It doesn’t always mean bigger is better. Bed pillows are made in all sorts of sizes that meet your specific needs. Choose the right size and make sure that the covers fit perfectly. And by fit, I mean do not stuff a big pillow in a small cover as it may alter the pillow’s intended purpose. Having different sizes of pillows is having different sizes of cover, so make sure that it fits its right coverage.


Synthetic materials such as memory foam and polyester are made through chemical processes. Also, many pillows are put through antimicrobial treatments. This means that there are now made pillows intended for those who have allergies and those who have sensitive skin. Aside from having antimicrobial pillows, you can pair it up with a hypoallergenic pillow cover for breathable content that will put you in a relaxed sleep.

Each pillow uses various materials for a specific use. To sleep better, never settle for cheap-made pillows that don’t last. Invest in premium made pillows that will last longer and maintain their shape. As they say, sleeping pillows play an important element in your sleep environment, and having the right one under your head can make for comfier, restful nights. And if you’re having a hard time choosing the right pillow for you, visit for a wide selection of sleeping pillows.

activities this long weekend

5 Activities You Can Do This Long Weekend

activities this long weekend

Long weekend is the best opportunity to take a vacation without using any leaves, especially for people who are working 9 to 5. It will be perfect to have plans to make that extra day off worth it! Here are the most epic activities you can do for an awesome long weekend.

Go Surfing

Head out to the beach and hit the big waves. Aside from having fun and potentially social activity. Surfing is good for your health, aside from achieving your body goals it leads to the release of happy hormones. So, call your squad and jump on that board!

Road trip

Spontaneous road trips are one of the best things you can do over the long weekend. Make your trip exciting by going to a nearby province with your friends as you listen to your favorite playlist and enjoy long conversations with your friends. Make sure to spend your time worthwhile before returning to the city and go back to the reality of work.

Binge-watch your favorite TV show

Long weekend is the perfect moment for binge-watching many episodes or all of the series in one go. Especially, if you miss watching your favorite K-drama because you are too busy with work, a long weekend is a great idea for catching up. You can also discuss the romantic exciting moments with your friends who are fans of the drama you are watching.

Go Dancing

Get the party started by dancing to your favorite pop song, with your family or friends. Dancing is a great idea in terms of bonding because you’ll get to bond with your loved ones and enjoy their company while dancing with them. It also contributes to good stamina, healthy heart, and it strengthens the bones, also, it helps in terms of preventing illness.


Sleep in the comfort of nature around you while enjoying the long weekend. You and your friends can enjoy hiking, and enjoy the sceneries that a place has to offer. You can also enjoy bonfires at night with them. Escape the city for a moment and explore as you opt for beach camping or mountain hiking.

Long weekend is the dream of every employee. So, don’t waste your opportunity because it is best to make your experience worthwhile. Whether you choose to binge-watch your favorite series or you decided to try out an extreme adventure. Make sure to always reward yourself after a job well done. After a day of these long weekend activities, it’s really tiring but would say fun to experience. And definitely a long good night’s sleep is what you need. That’s why Comfort Living Ph’s Premium Memory Orthopedic Pillow is the best companion after a long day of activities galore as this would put you in a longer, cooler and more comfortable sleep you’ve been longing for. Experience the best sleep with the #1 Online Mattress Store in the Philippines, Comfort Living PH. Shop now for our products here at

Sleep better inside a car

5 Tips To Sleep Better Inside A Car

Sleep better inside a car

While it would be impossible to trade sleeping in the comforts of a bed, at times especially during travel, sleeping in the car is inevitable.

Whether due to a long road trip or unexpected situations, it’s best to be prepared. Here are 5 tips to sleep better inside a car.

Block out the noise and light

This is especially true if you are to sleep during the ride. While it can be quiet inside the car compared to the outside, getting uninterrupted sleep is still best without a sound from the radio or your peers. Having earplugs is always a go-to to block out the noise, but noise-canceling headphones can double to keep the noise out so you can have a good sleep.

If you are sleeping while it’s daytime, you wouldn’t want the sunlight or bright surroundings to distract you. Having a proper eye mask can be handy in this situation.

Choose the right location

Should you need to take a break from the road to get some hours of sleep, stopping and parking at the right location is necessary. Choosing a flat level of ground should be one of the priorities as well as picking a spot where you wouldn’t be bothered by authorities. This means choosing spots that are safe to be parked, where it’s not blocking any driveway or entrance.

Ventilate properly

This goes out to those sleeping in a parked vehicle. It would be costly and sometimes not allowed depending on the location, to leave your engine running for long periods of time which includes sleeping. Ventilating properly then becomes important. Cracking open a window to still get the right ventilation without losing your privacy. Should the weather be rainy, propping up an open umbrella in the window opening would do the trick.

Organize and keep your space clean

Regardless of how long you’ll be sleeping, making sure that the rest of the car is in order without any trash or unnecessary items lying around is important. This is to make sure you don’t accidentally hit anything during sleep or cause even a bigger mess. This is to also free up space for you to sleep more comfortably.

Bring a pillow from home

Having your pillow with you as you sleep can help put you in the best environment possible when you are in the car. You can always stash away your pillow when you don’t need to use it but having it around is a sure-fire way to maximum comfort. What better way to have your sleep than with the right pillow? Look no further than with ComfortLivingPH’s Premium Memory Pillow that can help you feel cool and comfortable. Experience the best sleep experience with the #1 Online Mattress Store in the Philippines, Comfort Living PH. Learn more about our products here