How to Give Your Kids Better and Longer Sleep?

Parents have different techniques for making sure that their children are well taken care of. From proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and a safe environment, they got ways to ensure that all of these are being provided to their kids adequately. However, there are some instances that moms and dads will surely face problems, most especially, during early childhood years where kids tend to be more active and curious.

One of the most common hardships that parents encounter during the early stages of their kid’s growth is the lack of adequate sleep. Since kids are very active in exploring new things, seeing greater views, and expanding their knowledge, sleeping time can be quite a challenge for some mommies and daddies. To help you out, here are some tips on giving your kids a better and longer sleep:

  1. Set-up a bedtime routine 

    By encouraging your child to have good sleep patterns, he can feel more comfortable about sleeping at the right time. A bath before bed and a bedtime story can be very helpful to give a sense of signal to your kids’ mind that what comes after these activities is sleeping time. The more comfortable they feel before sleeping, the longer good night sleep they can have.
  2. Relax before bedtime 

    Allowing your kid to explore his or her own way of relaxation before bedtime can be beneficial too. Some kids might want to read a book, listen to lullabies, or simply stare at their starry night lights. These activities can induce relaxation to your kids which can help them sleep faster and longer.
  3. Keep the naps early and short 

    Observing proper time allowance between sleeping time and nap time is very important. As much as possible, set the afternoon nap time to no longer than 20 minutes and no later than early afternoon. Study says that longer naps that are closer to the sleeping time can make it harder for children to sleep at night.
  4. Observe the noise and lighting in your child’s bedroom 

    One of the things that most children worry about is their safety while sleeping. By ensuring that they’ve got adequate lighting and a less noisy sleeping environment, a longer and more comfortable sleep would likely happen. Gadgets and television sets should be away from your kid’s bedroom to make sure that his/her sleep will not be disturbed by unnecessary noise.
  5. Provide them with the comfortable sleeping condition 

    Apart from providing a room with adequate space, lighting, and less noise, giving your kids a comfortable bed with comforters and linens that are very conducive to sleeping, they can have longer and better sleep. In this manner, you’re not only enhancing the quality of their sleep but also make them feel better about the thought of sleeping or relaxation.

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Does Your Sleeping Position Affect Your Dreams?

Are there nights that you just can’t seem to sleep though you’re already feeling all the weights on your eyes? Don’t worry, you are not alone. You may be suffering from insomnia, a sleep disorder that troubles your sleep. In more popular cases, a not-so-comfortable sleeping position is the culprit in all these. 

According to new study via Changing your sleep position can influence your dreams. This might be unnatural to you, but this change may be good for your health. 

For a fun fact, dreams occur during a rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, when the brain is very active. It recurs 3-4 times and the final stint. When dreams are most vivid, it happens usually in the morning before you wake up. But the popular question is, how do we avoid nightmares?

The first rule for a restful sleep is being comfortable which means starting off on one side. 2,000 people surveyed by mattress makers in America reported that people tend to sleep on their sides. 17% sleep on their back and 11% on their stomachs. 

Though stomach-sleepers are small in number, they are recorded to be having the most frequent erotic dreams. In fact, in another survey to 670 students by dream experts in Hong Kong, switching your sleep through your stomach is better than watching Fifty Shades of Grey and as to the respondents, they experience intense, vivid and sexual dreams and are frequently experiencing wet dreams. 

A lead researcher Calvin Kai-Ching Ph.D., explains that this position creates pressure on different parts of the body and the sensation could be the source of these erotic dreams. 

Sleep positions are evident to be triggering your dreams and knowing what could be the causes and effects of these are important things that you should be aware of. 

Right and Left Side 

Sleeping in a lateral position is the most common position we sleep in. But according to studies, right-side sleepers experience more positive dreams and fewer nightmares compared to people sleeping to their left. 

It has been recommended by medical experts that for people who struggle with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and heartburn, sleeping to your left side is highly beneficial as the gravity helps with the reflux. On the contrary, sleeping to your right may cause dreams of swallowing or burning. 


If you are a back-sleeper, then maybe you need to start learning other sleeping positions. It has been proven that sleeping to your back can cause lower back pain, excessed snoring, may encourage sleep apnea and interfere with good sleep or alter your dreams. 

It has been shown in studies that people who lie on their back for long experience nightmares so often and breathing-related sleeping disorders such as apnea contribute negative impacts to the intensity of dreaming. 


Some people complain about having difficulty breathing while sleeping on their stomach which is normal for some but may bring issues towards their health if continually done. 

Despite the reports of frequent erotic dreams caused by this sleeping position, experts do not encourage people to make this a habit as this can cause restlessness and strain to lower back and neck pain.

Multiple Positions 

Studies say that humans tend to have multiple positions when sleeping. The position you find yourself in waking up to could be the one influencing your dreams. 

Accuracy of self-supported positions is uncertain. Outside influences can also be a factor. Dreaming about the last movie you watched, the person you keep thinking of or the rushing air rumbling through your windows and curtains. No one can control what they see in their dreams but making sure it can’t startle you up awake in the middle of the night is something we can possibly be in control of. Simply browse through our website,, for the premium memory and sleep-friendly mattresses you will need for that good night sleep you have been craving for.

Is Your Mattress Causing You Back Pains?

Do you often have back pains? Back pain can be caused by several factors such as aging and inactive lifestyle. The most overlooked reason for recurring back pains is sleep environment, particularly your mattress.

One telling sign that your mattress is the culprit is knowing when your back pain occurs. If you experience recurring back pain right after you wake up, then the pain goes after a few minutes of stretching. That’s a clear sign that your mattress needs immediate replacement.

Check out our list of tell-tale signs that can help determine whether your mattress is most likely causing your back pain:

You haven’t replaced your mattress in over 5 years

Mattress doesn’t age like fine wine. While its lifespan may depend on how you take care of it, mattresses in general need replacement after around 5-7 years.

With an average person spending around 6-8 hours sleeping, mattresses, like any home appliance suffer from wear and tear. It is also susceptible to accumulating dust mites and allergens over time, so it is especially important for people suffering with allergies and respiratory ailments.

Watch out for sagging spots

A perfect mattress should support your weight and promote back and spine alignment. A drooping mattress is not only uncomfortable but can also cause your spine to be uneven during sleep, which is not healthy for your spine’s alignment, blood circulation and muscle support.

If you are convinced that your mattress is most likely causing your back pain, the positive thing is, replacing it with a new one can be the key to a painless and better sleep. 

To ensure better sleep quality, invest in a premium quality memory foam. 

Designed to provide ample support to any body type. Memory foam mattresses conform to our body weight and sleep position to prevent pressure points. Made with high-density foam, memory foam mattresses promote better sleep, improves posture to prevent lower back pain.

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