CoolTech Mattresses, the Solution to Humid Weather?

After a long hard day’s work, there’s nothing more satisfying than lying down in the comforts of our beds. 

However, it can be quite the deal breaker when the humid weather is keeping you from enjoying your night’s sleep. The Philippines is no stranger to humid weather, being a tropical country after all. 

Enter the new technology of CoolTech Matresses, made with CoolTech Gel that give amazingly cool comfort while maintaining that softness and firmness throughout the whole night. 

What exactly does it do? 

The cooling gel in the mattresses captures the heat and then distributes it to help regulate the temperature. Resulting to a cool and comfortable sleep. 

Comfort Living Philippines is the number one online mattress store in the country. It prides itself in providing luxurious quality mattresses. One of its best sellers is the memory foam mattress with CoolTech gel. 

CoolTech gel is one of the latest innovations in memory foam technology. It is designed with a microscopic gel that captures head to help regulate the temperature during sleep. The ventilated design improves airflow while the soft blend cover provides a breathable air layer for that comfortable sleep experience. 

Comfort Living’s Premium Memory Mattress comes with CoolTech gel that offers the best of both worlds. The dual layer mattress features a top layer of gel memory foam for pressure-relieving comfort and the high-density foam base offers a lot of support, making your sleep experience cool and comfortable.

The memory foam layer is infused with CoolTech Gel that prevents overheating.  Equipped with a cool, breathable, and washable cover fabric. Comfort Living PH’s open cell structure memory foam is built to be more longer lasting and more resilient and will not leave long-lasting body impressions. 

Experience the cool and comfortable experience only CoolTech can give you, to combat humidity for a good night’s sleep. Get a premium memory mattress with CoolTech Gel from Comfort Living! 

To learn more about how ComfortLivingPH can elevate your sleeping experience and give you the comfort you deserve, check out our website here

Mattress Toppers: Instant Luxury for Regular Mattresses

They say the bedroom is the best part of the house where it keeps you sane from all the stress every single day. It gives you time to meditate and contemplate about your mental stability as a person. From binge-watching at night to breakfast in bed, all can be done in just one place. And lastly, having a good night or even good noon sleep is the most relaxing thing to do. After all, it is your safe haven from the outside jungle. But having a good night sleep needs further question whether or not you are sleeping on a comfortable mattress topper. Let’s define first the upper layer of your bed.

A mattress topper is an additional comfort layer that is added to a core mattress to increase longevity and also increase the comfort of the mattress.

Entering a retail store and looking for one is difficult and tiring that may lead to sleeping on the store mattress (literally). But kidding aside, from all those specifications and prices, how do you know which mattress topper is the best for you? You can find toppers everywhere from bespoke bed shops to discount shops, which means that there are a wide variety of offerings.

When looking at a good mattress topper, we always look for the comfortability, materials, size and especially the price range. Not everything is what you’re looking in a one mattress topper, one must sacrifice in order to buy the best that somehow suits you and your personality. Hence, know every key points to consider in choosing the perfect mattress topper:

Fit to size

Consider the mattress size you need according to your lifestyle and sleeping pattern/position. From regular to queen and king size, choose the best mattress topper that will cover your entire bed and can move you freely while sleeping. At the end of the day, we just wanted to sleep comfortably.

Type of mattress topper

One of the most common factors in choosing a mattress topper is the material. Memory foam mattress toppers is the usual layer in your mattress – which is made from memory foam too. Memory foam toppers gently molds to your body, adding support and comfort. Another is the Egg crate mattress toppers, coming from an inspiration of a literal egg box, they are made of a bumpy nodular surface. Lastly, Wool or fleece mattress toppers are made from natural materials to reduce the risk of allergies.

Comfort and softness

Mattress toppers alone can pass as a mattress bed because of its comfortability and softness. But be mindful as some mattress toppers are deceiving in terms of cooling effect. Choose the one with breathable wool that wicks moisture away from the body and keeps you from getting hot. In other times of practicality, you could also try low density memory foam topper or having toppers of multiple layers piling up adding extra softness to your mattress. Adding a topper gives another layer which will compress before the mattress. It will give you comfort and at the same time can be easily turned and rotated.

Maintenance and portability

When using the mattress topper over time, remove it from the bed and clean it from time to time. Making sure that mattress topper is not heavy is the first tip to remember. In the method of cleaning the topper, machine washable is much needed while for delicate care, hand washed is more practical.

Affordable toppers

Mattress toppers are more affordable than a regular mattress, Most people opt for a topper to maintain the firmness of the regular mattress. Moreover, prices may vary especially on the type of mattress topper. It’s very crucial to establish how much are you willing to spend. Thus, it’s not about buying the most expensive that you can afford but it’s about meeting your needs for a good night sleep.

No doubt that mattress toppers are very useful in keeping your mattress in its original shape. From size to its comfort and durability, it provides a good night sleep in all forms. Mattress toppers increase comfort layers for your mattress as they help to reduce the wear and tear on your mattress. If you need more help and knowledge about choosing the right mattress topper, visit for the finest mattress toppers you need for the good night sleep you’ve been longing for.

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Mattress

We spend a lot of time in bed, in fact, lying in bed can be a very personal and intimate thing to do as we spend a third of our time in bed. Though it is not visible to the naked eye, there are a lot of germs and bacteria living inside of your mattress, especially if it is one that you’ve had for a long time. It is important that you also include your big ticket household items like your mattresses and sofas in your general cleaning especially now that various diseases and illnesses are prevalent. A question that comes to mind might be, “Isn’t it hard to clean a mattress?” It may be so, but there are various ways that can help you clean your mattress on your own.

Change and wash your beddings

The standard changing of beddings is at least once a week, depending on how dirty or used they are. Try also not to jump into bed right after coming home as your dirty clothes contribute to bacteria and dirt build-up on your beddings.

Vacuum and Sanitize your Mattress

If there are no deep stains on the mattress, you can avoid doing a deep cleaning and proceed straight to vacuuming. Vacuum and steam your mattress to suck out all the dirt inside your mattress and steaming it will also somehow sanitize it. If you can, bring your mattress outside to sit in the sun. Sunlight is also an effective disinfectant. Make sure you get the edges and crevices as well.

Deep Cleaning

If the dirt on your mattress cannot be cleaned by simple vacuuming and steaming, then it’s probably time to do a deep cleaning. Gather you liquid detergents; avoid commercial cleaners that contain bleach and ammonia and preferably use cleaners with natural enzymes. You may use dishwashing liquid diluted in water. Brush the areas with deep stains to remove them. You may also use vinegar as vinegar is a great cleaning agent to help remove unpleasant odor. 

This step may also be done to memory foam mattress, just make sure you use a gentler hand when deep cleaning as these types of mattresses are softer compared to spring-type mattresses. 

There are a lot of ways to make sure that the area you are moving at is clean and safe. Take the extra time and effort to clean your mattresses, and even sofas and chairs. Aside from the obvious health benefits that cleaning will give you, it also helps in keeping your furniture in tiptop shape. 

Find the Perfect Mattress for Your Sleeping Position

There’s more to your sleeping position than it looks. In fact, many scientists have proven that one’s sleeping position can be linked to one’s personality and health, and you will find yourse;f surprised as to what your body is saying even when you are asleep. If you think about it, you sleep for around 6-8 hours in a day, and certain positions may cause strain to certain parts of your body, depending on your position. Ultimately, it’s all about comfort. Find out the perfect mattress fit for your sleeping position.

Side Sleeping

This sleeping position is the most common for most people. However, this position puts a lot of strain on your back and may cause long-term back problems. This may also cause skin sagging as gravity pulls stronger on the upper side of the body when you are tilted to the side. Other than the physical restraints, and especially if you are a left side sleeper, it may also cause strains in your internal organs, specifically to the liver, stomach, and lungs. 

Since this position is curvier than most, pressure relief is vitally important. You need a mattress that will allow the heavier areas of your body to sink lower so as to release pressure to other parts of your body. Opt for thicker and softer mattresses, such as the Comfort Living Memory Foam Mattress, that allows for an easier tossing and turning, and so as to avoid soreness the following morning. You may also want to add a foam topper for that extra comfort.

Back Sleeping

Sleeping on your back with your arms at your side or over your head has got to be the most comfortable and overall, the best sleeping position. However, one con is that it is heavily related to snoring and sleep apnea, hence other people find it uncomfortable. 

Since the back is the most important body part that needs support, you may opt for a mattress that is less thick and soft. Spring mattresses will give you the right amount of support and comfort which makes it  perfect for back sleepers. 

Stomach Sleeping

This particular sleeping position is not recommended by many doctors as it has a long list of disadvantages. It is also not advisable for pregnant women and women with large breasts.  However, if there is one pro about sleeping on your stomach, it’s that it helps stop snoring. SOme stomach sleepers woAnd if this is the position that is comfortable for you, then finding the right mattress may help ease any discomfort. A firm but with a thin comfort layer is advisable so as to avoid creating an unnatural curve in the back. Some stomach sleepers would also opt to have a pillow to curl their arms in and lie their head on, so look for a pillow that is soft but provides support for the neck and back. The Comfort Living Body Pillow might be perfect for you.

Ultimately, your sleeping should play a leading role when it comes to choosing your mattress. Every sleeping position demands support in certain areas so as to avoid getting sore in the morning. And if you’re buying a new mattress, might as well invest in one that will give you the best support and comfort and will last you a lifetime. 

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