Treat Yourself This Holiday Season With a New Bed Set-Up

What’s an unusual gift set, you ask? How about a new bed set-up?! You already endured a whole year of back pain and neck pain because of your current mattress and pillows. Maybe, it is time to give yourself the gift of comfort.

Get a pen and a notepad, because it is time to write your Christmas wish list! Let’s start with the base, shall we?


When was the last time you bought a mattress? Can you still even remember? Maybe it is time to swap things up for something new! Old mattresses become home to dust mites and are probably the source of your allergies.

It doesn’t matter if you are spending your holidays cozied up with someone or you are spending the whole day alone on your bed, at least you have a Premium Memory Mattress with CoolTech Gel that has a combined layer of ventilated gel memory foam and high-density memory foam. Not only does it feel comfortable but it also gives you a hugging feel! 


If adjusting your pillows or fluffing them is not enough anymore, maybe it is time to throw your lumpy or flatten out pillows away. Old pillows accumulate dirt and all the bad things in life. Just kidding. But it does cause you acne.

Don’t settle for something less. Make everyday living a hotel standard! With the Memory Hotel Pillow. Sleep luxuriously with a hotel memory-foam pillow with a stay-cool hypoallergenic bamboo cover. Not only you are spoiling yourself with a new bed set-up, but you are also supporting the environment!


Feeling extra with your shopping list? Add Toppers! Say goodbye to back pains and uncomfortable sleeping positions by making your bed extra comfortable! The super-soft, conforming memory foam aligns your spine and evenly dispersed body weight to relieve pressure points while you sleep. 

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Is Upgrading My Room a Good Investment?

It’s that time of the year again. With Christmas bonuses coming in for corporate workers, aside from allocating budget for gifts to give to our family and friends this season, most of us are also taking advantage of this time to set aside some budget on home improvements. 

As one of the important rooms in our home, the bedroom is the place to relax and feel comfortable in after a long day. This makes it a favorite among many to invest in whether through linens or furnishings. 

Here, we’ll walk you through some of the main reasons why you should invest in upgrading your bedroom this season:

Better Sleep

Sleeping is one of our mind and body’s natural way to recharge. However, lack of sleep is also becoming a rising concern for today’s generation. 

One of the most effective ways of getting better sleep is making sure that your bedroom is clean, comfortable and relaxing. 

It adds value to your home

Upgrading your bedroom is not only pleasing for your eyes but also adds into your home’s value. According to this study, renovating your master bedroom can equate to a return-of-investment (ROI) of between 40-80%.

Allocating budget to upgrades such as expanding your closet and wardrobe space and remodeling your master bedroom’s bathroom with new and innovate fixtures are among the most valued bedroom upgrades.

Additionally, as the focal point of your room, it is only essential to invest in a premium quality bed and mattress. 

For a superior and luxurious sleep experience, consider getting a memory foam mattress for your home. Memory foam adheres to our body’s natural contours, supporting our body weight, thus reducing pressure while we sleep.

If you’re looking for quality memory foam mattresses for your home, check our website at Comfort Living!

As the leading manufacturer and online retailer of memory foam mattresses in the Philippines. Comfort Living offers a wide variety of memory foam mattresses with CoolTech Gel. We offer the latest innovation in memory mattress technology. It provides cool comfort, while maintaining softness and firmness all throughout the night.

Whether you’re looking for a twin/single, double, queen or king mattress, look no further as Comfort Living can provide it to you!

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Introducing our new DreamLux and UltraLux Mattress Line

Thinking of where to spend your holiday bonus? Why not treat yourself with one of our new DreamLux and Ultralux Mattresses. Designed with Natural latex and individual power packed wrapped foils to give you maximum comfort.

Check out some of our new offerings:


Serenity Mattress, P19,999

It’s already in the name. Firstly, this mattress will give you a good night’s sleep with it’s Low Partner Disturbance in a breathable foam feature. Moreover, it is made of firmer high steel with edged support surround for a quiet and undisturbed sleep. 



Above all, This eco-friendly, hypoallergenic natural latex mattress has better contouring and maximum support system is best for those who wants an undisturbed rest.  It is available in Full Double Premium, Queen Premium, and King Premium Mattress sizes. 


To highlight our products, We combined our BEST-SELLING CoolTech Gel Memory Foam with Natural Latex with a POWERHOUSE spring support system to give you the Best Mattress money can buy! It is available in Double, Queen, King Mattress Sizes. 

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