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A Guide to Buying Memory Foam Pillows

A Guide to Buying Memory Foam Pillows

We all know that sleep is essential to any human being. That’s why many businesses have continuously innovated products that aims to help people get better sleep. Memory Foam pillows, which were originally designed to aid astronauts in outer space, is one of these great innovations. Claiming that they are the “best”, how will you know if the pillow you are buying is actually of great quality? Here’s a quick guide to buying a memory foam pillow:

1. Consider the shape and size of the pillow

It’s important to take note of the shape and size of your pillow to get the maximum comfort out of it. You don’t want your pillow to be too small or too big for you so it has to be proportional not only to your body size, but also with the size of your bed. The standard size is a 20x36in, which is the one suitable for any regular pillowcase.

2. Check the Firmness and Thickness of the Pillow

Memory foam pillows vary in thickness and firmness. Memory foam pillows are designed with thickness that specifically helps support and release pressure in the neck, head, or legs. While others have a less dense firmness to accommodate different sleeping positions so user may easily fluff or mold pillow as they prefer.

3. Consider your sleeping position

Your sleeping position plays a huge role when choosing a pillow. For side sleepers, a firm and more elevated memory foam pillow are more suitable, while a flatter pillow will fit best for back sleepers. If you have various sleeping positions or have a back problem, it is important to have a specialized memory foam pillows available like Comfort Living’s Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are unlike any ordinary pillows. They carry great benefits and features with a promise of the best sleep you will ever have. With that said, some high quality ones doesn’t come at a cheap price. So if you’re looking for a memory foam people that will be worth your investment, Comfort Living PH offers a range of memory foam pillows fit for your sleeping needs. Visit for more info.

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Everything you need to know about mattress topper

Sleep is our body’s way of healing that is why it is important to catch our Zzz’s. And a mattress that is too firm, lumpy, or uneven won’t help you achieve the optimal comfort you need for your sleep. Good thing that mattress topper is invented to solve that problem!

What it is:

Though it is primarily built for comfort, it is not just a fancy accessory to your mattress, because it serves various purposes as well. The additional layer of quilt or foam helps relieve pressure points, a great solution for back pains, and it also protects your mattress from acquiring dirt and being worn out. 

Which is the best mattress topper for you:

Mattress toppers come in three (3) varieties:

Memory Foam Toppers

Memory foam toppers provide that extra plush of comfort and are great for relieving pressure points and avoid body strains to help you sleep better.

Latex Foam Toppers

Latex Foam Toppers offer more support than memory foam toppers. Its sleep surface tends to feel ‘springier’. It is a good fit for those that are stomach or back sleepers.

Down/Down Alternative Toppers

Down/Down Alternative toppers are often described as “cloud-like” foams. It is almost like a plush-pillow top. It doesn’t give as much support like the Latex topper but it is perfect for those who prefer soft and fluffy sleeping surfaces.

How to take care of it?

Because mattress toppers are more exposed than your mattress, it is more prone to dirt and stains. It is not advised to wash them because of their foam components. What you should do instead is use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and grime.

It is important to sleep comfortably because getting a good night’s sleep plays a vital role in your overall health. Only invest in high-quality bedroom essentials like the ones from Comfort Living! Buy one now at


How to know when it’s time to change your mattress?

How to know when it’s time to change your mattress?

Getting enough sleep at night plays an important role in our overall health and well-being. Changing mattress is a factor that can contribute to achieve that.

Did you know that Filipinos are one of the most sleep deprived countries in Asia? This is according to AIA Healthy Living Index Survey in 2016 wherein they found that Filipinos sleep for only an average of 6.8 hours, a 1.4 hours sleep deficit to the ideal 8.2 hours of sleep at night.

While many factors may affect our sleeping routine at night, one of the most common things that we often overlook is the quality of the mattress that we sleep in. Here’s some signs to quickly tell if your mattress is to blame for your lack of sleep and when it’s time to get a new one:

Your mattress is over 7 years old

Mattresses are not designed to be a family heirloom. Generally mattresses have been found to have a life-span of around eight years, depending on the mattress type, manufacturer and of course, its quality. Usage also plays a big role in your mattress’ condition, so a larger person or a mattress used by a couple or shared between a family will probably suffer from wear and tear faster compared to that used by a single sleeper.

It’s getting saggy

Sagging is common with almost all mattresses except for waterbeds, and often becomes noticeable a few years of use. A dent or change in your mattress’ shape is a clear sign of wear and tear and contributes to discomfort during sleep.

You feel stiff and sore after sleep

Back pain when you wake up? If you feel stiff and sore when you wake up every day, but resolves it after stretching and moving around, your mattress might be causing that post-sleep stiffness.

Poor quality mattresses that has sags and lumps in certain areas makes our body rest in unnatural positions, thus resulting in stiffness and pain.

Your spine is not supported properly during sleep

As a general rule for all mattresses, old or new, a good one should offer proper support and alignment to your spine and back to get a good quality sleep. Back or stomach sleepers should have the natural S curve of their spine evident when lying down. On the other hand, side sleepers should have their spine straight from the neck to their bottom for optimal support.

Investing on the right mattress is essential to ensure that we get a goodnight’s rest. For an ultimate sleeping experience, get a high quality memory foam mattress from Comfort Living!

Memory foam mattresses adjusts and contours to our body’s shape, providing proper back and spine support for an optimal sleep.

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What is a good quality sleep?

What is a good quality sleep?

When it comes to sleeping goals, most people are focusing on the number of hours they sleep on their bed. Though it is a good foundation of determining good quality sleep, there are still key indicators that need to be considered. According to National Sleep Foundation, the duration of a person of falling asleep is also a key indicator of a good quality sleep. It was indicated in their report published in Sleep Health that falling asleep in 30 minutes or less is important for ones sleeping patterns. Waking up no more than once per night is also significant for an individual’s sleeping condition. To have a grasp and in order to adapt yourself to a good quality sleep, take note of these factors below.

Understanding Sleep Cycle

Before delving in deeper of the idea of good quality sleep, it is important to know how a good sleep actually work. While the length of sleep is important, equally vital is getting through successfully in the sleep cycle as well as it is fundamental to your health and body. The cycle comprises the following stages:

Stages 1 and 2: light sleep. Drowsiness as your brain is just getting into sleep. In stage 2, your brain waves start to slow down noticeably, resting those parts you use while awake.

Stages 3 and 4: deeper sleep. These stages are both restorative. Both REM sleep and sleep stages 3 and 4 are driven, especially if you are selectively deprived, it rebounds once the person is allowed to sleep. This suggests that both are essential in the sleep process and its many functions. REM (rapid eye movement): the deepest sleep. Your eyes are moving fast, but the rest of your body is paralyzed. It’s the stage where some sleep-related disorders take place, like sleepwalking.

Measuring Sleep Quality

Sleep quality refers to how well you fall asleep. Good quality sleep means that you typically fall asleep easily (30 minutes or less). Sleeping soundly throughout the night with no more than one awakening is also an indicator that your sleeping patterns are in sync. Drifting back to sleep within 20 minutes if just in case you wake up also poses a good sleeping behavior. On the flip side, bad sleep quality is the kind that leaves you staring at the ceiling or counting sheep. It may be characterized by trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, restlessness, and early awakenings.

Preparing to get that good quality sleep? Make sure you have a trusted and comfortable sleeping foam mattresses that will maximize your sleep and allow you to wake up feeling rejuvenated! Get one of our premium foam mattress now at