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Slumber like a King: 5 Ways to Sleep Better

Slumber like a King: 5 Ways to Sleep Better

1. Reduce Coffee Intake during the Afternoon

Any drink with caffeine is sure to keep us alert, focused, and awake. However, consuming caffeine later in the day stimulates your nervous system and will most likely give you a hard time relaxing come night time. It is advised not to consume coffee after 3-4 PM in order to have a comfy sleep later, but if you really must, opt for a decaffeinated one.

2. Avoid irregular, long afternoon naps

We’ve all fallen in the trap of “I’ll just take a nap for 15 mins” and then find ourselves sleeping for 2 hours already. Taking long naps during daytime can confuse your body clock therefore you will have a hard time sleeping at night. If you must recharge during the day, do not take naps longer than 30 minutes.

3. Religiously follow a sleeping pattern

Being consistent with your sleeping and waking up time can help you sleep better and feel more recharged when you wake up. If you do this on a daily basis, you will find yourself not needing an alarm after all.

4. Optimize your Bedroom Environment

Your room set up is a big factor when it comes to having a good night’s sleep. For example, having a side table lampshade with yellow light bulbs can induce sleepiness as compared to having a white fluorescent lamp. You may also set up your audio system and play mellow music if you’re the type who likes to fall asleep with sounds on. Make sure that your bedroom is a place where you can let loose and relax so you can get proper sleep.

5. Get a Comfortable Bed, Mattress, and Pillow

Have you ever wondered why sleeping in a hotel just feels so majestic? It’s because hotels provide premium beds and mattresses. Having a comfortable sleeping arrangement helps people not only with the quality of sleep but as well as physical attributions. Having a better bed is said to reduce body pains too. It is suggested that your beds and mattresses be upgraded every 5-8 years to maximize product use.

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memory foam mattress

Everything You Need To Know About Memory Foam Mattress

Everything You Need To Know About Memory Foam Mattress

Did you know that memory foam mattress was first created by NASA? Designed and developed by NASA’s Ames Research Center in the late 1960s, memory foam also referred to as T-foam or temper foam was originally intended to improve safety and cushioning for NASA astronauts. In 1992, it became widely available in the US market.

Memory foam gained its popularity for its various health benefits all over the world. Want to find out more? Check out our list below and get to know why you should start getting your own memory foam mattress.

1. Relieves Pressure Points

Memory foam were first used in medical applications to help cushion, protect and comfort patients in intensive care units and as wheelchair seat cushions.

It was later applied in mattresses to relieve pressure point pain for patients who tend to lay in one position for a long period of time. Caused by the pressure of gravity and the natural upward resistance from ordinary mattresses, pressure point not only causes pain and irritation but can also affect circulation and damage soft tissues. Compared to regular mattresses, memory foam adjusts and yields to our body’s shape. It helps relieves stress and pressure.

2. Helps with Back/Spine Alignment

Unlike regular mattresses which usually keeps weight concentrated on our shoulders, hips and heels, memory foam mattresses contours and takes our body’s shape does spreading out our weight evenly. This helps keep our back and spine in neutral position, thus aiding in better back alignment.

3. Accommodates Different Sleeping Positions

Whether you prefer to sleep on your back, stomach or your side, memory foam mattress allows you to sleep comfortably without painful pressure points. Designed to mold and take the shape of its user, memory foam adjusts to our body, which makes it perfect for all types of sleeping positions.

4. Hypo-Allergenic

With its dense formula, memory foam mattresses repel dust mites and limits mold and pet dander to go into it. This makes it perfect for people with allergies as it keeps them away from allergens that regular mattresses usually attract.

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knowing types of mattress

A Guide: Knowing the Different Types of Mattress

knowing types of mattress

How to Choose The Right Mattress For You

Having a good slumber every night depends on a lot of different factors. But the most common one is the comfort that your bed is providing for your body. Alongside with a soothing temperature, having a comfy mattress is the foundation of getting that desired sleep. If you are struggling to find that and quite not satisfy with your current mattress, then you may want to consider these different types of mattresses below and choose the right one for you.

­Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses, without a doubt, are garnering much popularity as compared to other mattresses. What makes them so appealing to consumers is that they are made up of different densities of foam that respond to weight and temperature. If you are a person that hopes to ease up your body pain and in need of a mattress that can shift easily with your weight, then buying a memory foam mattress is for you!

Innerspring Mattresses

Though memory foam mattresses are most commonly popular among people, innerspring mattresses are still widely used by most household families. They are made up of coil springs, each is individually enclosed to help the bed weather years of use. With its wide variety of materials, added comfort is surely inevitable for every user. There are plenty of innerspring mattresses on the market from which to choose. Whatever preference it may be (firmness, fluffiness, price), you can expect it to be flexible for your desired slumber.

Latex Mattresses

Considered as one of the best material for mattresses, latex is known for providing a very firm, bouncy support that is uniform throughout the bed. It is made up of either natural or synthetic rubber that provides comfort which can be similar with memory foam mattresses. If you are looking for a full support on your back pains while sleeping, then buying a latex mattress is the best choice for you!

Choosing the best from different types of mattress is difficult. It is important to understand what are your needs and how the mattress can supplement those needs of yours. With all of these significant features given above, it is now easier for you to decide what to buy. However, it is essential that you have a trusted partner that can give you the best mattress there is. Comfort Living is the country’s number one online mattress store! We want to provide you the best slumber as possible in the most convenient way. Just check out our wide array of mattresses online and we will be the ones who will deliver it to you! Whatever preferences it may be, we surely got your back! Shop now at www.comfortlivingph.com

is your mattress good enough

Is Your Mattress Good Enough?

is your mattress good enough

Is Your Mattress Good Enough?

When asked between a bed of rock or a bed of roses, most people will probably choose the latter. No one likes to sleep uncomfortably and wake up with a back pain. Hence, having the right mattress for you is important.

Sleeping comfortably on a mattress that effectively supports your weight and posture reduces the chance of having a back pain. It also improves your memory and creativity, sharpen your attention, improve learning ability, help develop healthy metabolism, and reduce stress.

Below are few things you should consider when buying a mattress to ensure that you are getting what’s best for you:

  1. Springs and coils are the components of the mattress that will determine its firmness. But what one may consider as firm, may not be the same to you. A high concentration of steel coils is usually an indicator of a high quality mattress
  2. Padding is also an indicator of quality. More padding typically is more expensive but, the comfort it will provide is definitely worth the cost.
  3. High priced mattresses don’t always deliver the best comfort nor do you always need to pay a higher cost. Determine which works for you and then you can wait for it to go on sale.
  4. Back pain cause and effect from sleeping is not yet scientifically proven. Beware of brands that have such advertising claims.

The Next Time You Buy

And, next time you need to shop for a new mattress, decide beforehand what size you need and what fits in your budget. Some online mattress stores assures that even without physically testing the mattress, customers are assured of the highest quality and comfort. It is best to weigh in customer reviews of the mattresses before making a decision.

Remember that you are going to spend about 6 to 8 hours lying in it so, you should make your comfort the top priority. Are you looking for mattress options? Comfort Living PH offers quality mattresses that can give you the comfort you need all throughout the night. Browse through our list at www.comfortlivingph.com!